Guidance for Heavenly Tradition Book 1

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Guidance for Heavenly Tradition, a collection of sermons by Rev. Kim Young Hwi in four volumes, was first published in 1984 in London, England. Recently, in response to requests for a reprinting, this updated edition was published by the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification in Seoul, Korea, printed by Sung Hwa Publishing Co.

Young Whi Kim is among the earliest followers of True Parents and one of the first three couples to be blessed in 1960. He served as president of the Korean Unification Church for nearly twelve years. While devoting himself to that mission, he also found time to write two study guides to the Divine Principle, support numerous projects around the world, and raise a beautiful family.

God’s Will brought him to Europe in early 1982 to advise and inspire church members through his personal example of a Principled life and his deep relationship with our True Parents. Perhaps his most precious gift for us is the extent to which he has inherited Father’s tradition through living and working side by side with our True Parents in the early days of our church. By speaking regularly to members, he has sought to convey the content of this tradition.

This collection of speeches spans the time from his arrival in Europe till October 1983. Although Mr. Kim delivered these talks in English, it is not his native tongue. Consequently, some editing was necessary to improve the flow and clarity of language. Much care was taken, however, to preserve the original meaning.
This volume is offered to the international members of the FFWPU as a source of inspiration and guidance for ourselves and future generations.